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Ways to spend your holidays by visit wine tours


Australia is endowed with scenic beauty, adventurous sports, delicious cuisine and vibrant lifestyle. If you are planning a tour to Australia then, you simply cannot miss visiting Melbourne city. Undoubtedly, Melbourne is a beautiful city and is full of enjoyment. This capital city is popular and most sought among tourists. The natural beauty of this city is mesmerizing.

Your Australian tour is incomplete if you haven’t seen Melbourne city. The good news for wine lovers is that this city is blessed with various wineries and vineyards. The city produces world’s best wines.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can spend your holidays in Melbourne. We will be covering all the major vineyards and wineries so that you do not miss any.

How to take wine tour packages?

Before we discuss wine tours, let us tell you that how to get such tour packages. If you want to hire any professional company that can provide you Wine Tours Melbourne then you can search such companies online. You can book such tour online easily.

You will find numerous companies that provide you such Wine Tours Melbourne deals and packages. You can contact them and clarify all your doubts about the tour. You must also keep in mind your budget and seek a company that matches your pocket size.

Famous wine yards and tours to take in Melbourne

Yarra Valley Wine yards and Wineries in Melbourne

Yarra Valley is an interesting region in Melbourne which is a home to about 80 wineries. This valley is famous for its fresh wine, seafood and handmade cheeses. This valley allows you to relax, enjoy and taste wine. Yarra Valley wine tours are exciting and amazing. So, it is absolutely not to be missed.

  • Yarra Valley wine tours- These tours are famous among tourists and people from all over the globe. You get to indulge yourself into various fun filled activities. These activities include:
    • Wine tasting sessions.
    • Picking up grapes from the vineyards.
    • Grapes stomping.
    • Watching step by step procedure about wine making.
    • Learning about the tools, machines and other equipment used in wine making.

You can enjoy with your friends, family and relatives.

  • Coldstream Hills: If you want to enjoy variety of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Varietal and Reserve wines then Coldstream Hills wine tour is a must for you. This winery is a gift from a wine writer and author, James Halliday. This winery will serve you tasty and amazing wines.
  • Squitchy Lane: You can go to wine tasting session on Squitchy Lane. Here also, you will get variety of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Merlot. You can also enjoy their unique Fume Blanc. If you want, you can buy wine bottles from here as well.
  • Oakridge Wines: Oakridge wines is a family owned estate that has been stretched over 10 hectare of land. On your tour, you can enjoy both, wine and food here. This winery has been making wines since 1978. It is known for making finest wines for all over the world. The beauty of the wine yards and surroundings will mesmerize you.
  • Pimpernel Vineyard: Pimpernel is known for its techniques to produce intensely flavored wines. The techniques include cane pruning, shoot thinning, canopy management and selective harvesting. This winery is known for making Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Merlot and many other more wine types.

If you are seeking a break on a weekend then also you can visit these wineries and enjoy it to the fullest. You just have to book a wine tour in advance.

You can also do the tour on your own. Rent a car at Melbourne Airport and ride the Vineyard tours.