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Tropical Escape to Magnificent French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a vibrant collection of tropical paradises that invoke a sense of awe and practically provoke every onlooker to walk those beaches, climb those mountains and dive into those shallows.


French Polynesia is a playground of tropical delights. The positively gargantuan assembly of islands covers the impressive chunk of the ocean, and most people aren’t even aware of the sheer number of secret islands which are jealously concealed by the Pacific waves.

Once you dare to venture out there, it becomes quite easy to fall in love with the untamed landscapes that positively overwhelm you. If you are interested in jumping off the very edge of the world into the endless blue ocean, here’s what the tropical escape to magnificent French Polynesia is all about.

Escape to the edge

Every now and then, we all need to escape from our daily existence, the boring job and pressure of daily obligations. The best way to reinvigorate one’s spirit is to go as far as your legs can carry you (or in this case – a plane is the reasonable option). French Polynesia spreads far off the coast of Australia and New Zealand and cuts deep into the heart of the Pacific. It’s as close to the edge of the world as you can imagine.

The collection of islands you can choose from is incredible. There are 118 islands divided in five distinct archipelagos, but there is a singular “governing” island and a central administrative point for all of them – Tahiti. Tahiti is usually the place most newcomers see first, and, boy oh boy, does it leave an impression for the entire French Polynesia. As you land on the airport next to the capital of the island group – Papeete – you’ll get a chance to marvel at the lush peaks that quite literally spring out of the endless water and which are surrounded with captivating reefs. This is when you’ll realize what you’re in for.


Society Islands

Tahiti belongs to the most populated archipelago in French Polynesia and it is known as the Society Islands. The chunks of land that belong to this group are quite the “top-billing” material in terms of tourism – Bora Bora, Huahine, Moorea and Tahiti are only some of them.

Bora Bora is by far the most popular island in French Polynesia. It is an incredible tropical destination that is as notorious for its priciness, as it is renowned for its beauty. Still, the visitors universally praise the destination and practically never regret a single penny. The incredible amenities and the accommodation are abundant on this island and if you are interested in at least the half of the countless interesting things to do in Bora Bora, head to this lush heaven as soon as you get the opportunity.


Become an explorer

One of the most interesting aspects about a vacation in French Polynesia is that it lends you a chance to become an explorer in your own private way. It is practically impossible to familiarize yourself with all of the islands or keep all the information about the grouping in your head.

As soon as you decide to hop on the ferry or board the private jet to venture out into the endless blue in search for destinations you’ve hardly ever heard off, you’re all set for the exhilarating and unpredictable adventure. Every destination has something beautiful to offer and services are top-notch across the board. Therefore, you’ll never truly feel as if you are lacking something or that you are truly accepting all the dangers of discovering new places. In other words, you can be Indiana Jones or Lara Croft on your own terms, without sacrificing comfort.

Start off your adventure easy, with an enchanting visit to a few of the French Polynesian islands you are not familiar with, but which are still in the reasonable proximity of the island with your accommodation. Raiatea & Taha’a are some of the lesser known “members” of the Society Islands archipelago. Raiatea is a place of great significance to the history of the Polynesian people, so it is really an intriguing place to explore first and learn about the indigenous history. Choose wisely and don’t overdo it on the first run. There’re plenty of chances to return to this assembly of dazzling green marvels.


French Polynesia is a vibrant collection of tropical paradises that invoke a sense of awe and practically provoke every onlooker to walk those beaches, climb those mountains and dive into those shallows. Once you visit it for the first time, it casts a spell that is hard to shake off, and it usually marks the beginning of the countless returns that are filled with breathless adventures.