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Travels of Digital Nomads

Have you ever thought about working every week from a different location in the world? Does travelling mixed with work sound exciting enough for you to change your current 9 to 5 job to something less secure but much more thrilling? If so, then becoming a digital nomad is just the right calling for you.

Not having to think about paying the rent and utilities, working from your laptop no matter the destination you’re at while meeting so many different people all around the globe are all digital nomads are about. If you’d like to know more about their way of life, stay tuned.

There’s a lot of sacrifices

While not having to put up with the monotonous 9 to 5 jobs is one of the biggest advantages of digital nomadism, there is a certain number of risks that come along with being a digital nomad. Namely, you may struggle to make the next paycheck, your laptop might hit a snag or even worse somebody might steal it from you.

Concerns such as bank account stability and your ability to connect to your bank account may also be in question, but if you truly feel like going on an adventure like this, then you shouldn’t hesitate a minute longer. Being a digital nomad can also become exhausting, as you hop from one country to another, constantly looking for new places to lay your head at and rest for a night or two.

What their days look like



One day you’ll wake up in Madrid, having churros and the next you may be on the train to some other Spanish province while working on your articles, posts or designs. Spontaneity is another factor to keep in mind because digital nomads can rarely plan their days at all let alone to the detail.

You never know what you may encounter on your way through Italy or Australia or Israel, or what kinds of people you may meet. If you thought about becoming a digital nomad, you’ll have to expect even the most unexpected of situations. Joining digital nomad groups and having group gatherings is another reason to become a digital nomad.

You’ll also learn how to quickly look for all the beauty salons or makeup artists that you maybe need for a date night when you meet a handsome fellow nomad. In Australia, for example, you can even find creative makeup artists from Creative Faces who can offer you an array of lovely face paint designs, in case you decide to throw a party for your fellow nomads.

Jobs you can do as a digital nomad


The more the virtual world grows, the more options for remote jobs we get. That’s precisely why more people decide to become digital nomads nowadays. If you’re a web designer, there’s really nothing keeping you at your overpriced apartment now, is it?

You can significantly cut down your living costs just by deciding to create web sites from any part of the world. Editor and content reviewer for websites, blogs, magazines, newspapers, developers, illustrators, book writers or ghostwriters, online language teachers, translators, photographers, event organizers, promoters and so many other jobs do not require you to sit behind your desk and waste time between four walls.

Therefore, if your job allows you to work from home, it’ll also allow you to send your tasks from any part of the world.

How you can become a digital nomad too

Becoming a digital nomad requires a lot of determination and independence most of all. If you ever decide to try out this way of life, start with a short vacation first and see if you’ll be able to organize yourself then.

Adopting a lifestyle of various people around the globe but while travelling is not the easiest task, and you’ll need to get accustomed to working remotely while travelling. A short vacation will help you realise whether you’re cut out to do it or not.

Before you decide to become a digital nomad, you should also sort out your finances by having at least one sustainable income source and of course all the necessary insurance.

Join digital nomad groups to seek guidance and ask for all the necessary information about the lifestyle before you join the community.

Final thoughts

Becoming a digital nomad has changed many lives for the better, but only after they’ve given up on security, having close friends and a steady income. Therefore, if you’ve ever considered becoming a digital nomad, make sure you do your research well before you embark on this unpredictable adventure.

  Fiona Adams is a freelance lifestyle writer inspired by traveling and colorful world around her.  Different cultures, people and food make her want to stay on the road forever.

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