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Top Things an Australian Should See in Arizona


Arizona is located in the American Southwest and is filled with natural beauty, great cities and charming small towns with a unique history. Considering the scope of activities you could try in Arizona, the diverse nature and remnants of ancient cultures, Australian tourists wouldn’t know where to go and what to do first in Arizona. Fortunately, if you happen to belong to this group and are looking to have a blast in Arizona, stay tuned because you are about to learn what is absolutely essential for you to see in this unique state.

A Grand Canyon visit


It would be blasphemous to leave out this trademark sight and put something else in the first place on your to-see list. Nothing can really compete with the awe-inspiring views from the Grand Canyon. Make a pilgrimage or visit it by car, bring a camera and document your experience. The South Rim is what everyone’s always talking about, so make sure to check it out. However, make reservations months in advance. If you could also squeeze in a hike along the famous Bright Angel trail, that would be really awesome. Remember to bring water and snacks, wear comfortable footwear and you should be good to go.

A look into the Petrified Past

Many tourists don’t include this wonder to their itineraries while they are in Arizona, but it is more than worth visiting. The Petrified Forest is really something special. For just a few hours, you can drive backward through time and experience colors and textures from the past millennium. You have to see the Newspaper Rock and the 500-year-old petroglyphs. If you want to stretch your legs, take a half-hour to explore the Blue Mesa trail. Don’t worry, it’s not too challenging and you’ll forever remember walking the unreal blue and purple hills and rocks.

Camping by Lake Mead

Camping by Lake Mead

Considering the heat in Arizona, you might want to find a place to cool down and relax. And there isn’t a better way to do that than to camp lakeside and enjoy various water activities. Of course, Lake Mead National Recreation Area is there to offer a platter of campsites with everything you need to have a pleasant camping experience. Of course, you just need to bring good outdoor camping gear and find your place by the water. According to satisfied campers, campgrounds here offer access to restrooms, picnic tables, grills, running water and of course, the most sought after amenity in Arizona, shade! For RV enthusiasts, the Lake Mead National Park also has sites with full hookups.

See famous photographs come to life

Those of you who liked playing Monument Valley and like Ansel Adams’ photos in general will adore this place. Seeing this stunning region in a single frame is impossible. So, it is recommended that you hire a car and hit the road. By embarking on a 17-mile long drive along Valley Drive you will get to see the famous monuments you learned about in school (at least some of you have). The most prominent are the Mittens and Totem Pole. You’ll have to devote two to four hours of your time for this experience and it will most likely set you back $20. But you’ll see that it is well-worth your buck.

The City of Phoenix

City of Phoenix

Many claim that Phoenix is a great base for exploring Arizona, but it is also a destination worth visiting. Many golfers visit Phoenix in winter and even more sun-seekers go there to stay at a resort or spa and spend some time basking in the heat of the desert. The Phoenix Metropolitan Area includes Scottsdale and Mesa, there you’ll find fine dining venues, great shopping malls, desert parks for walking, hiking and biking and some amazing attractions. Of course, you need to prioritize visiting the Heard Museum and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. These places make the city’s image around the globe.

The sun, the heat, the ancient history – these are the things that will make you feel at home if you’re an Aussie. Everything else is also just as worthy of your attention. From great national parks to mesmerizing rock formations, Arizona is truly something else. Don’t miss out on this unique American state. Visiting Arizona will be well-worth your money.