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Top South Pacific Destinations for Active Vacation

The South Pacific is something different. Islands that make it are true gems due to the unique historical heritage, untouched nature and wonderful weather. And as such, there are many ways to enjoy these islands. Many people like to bring their loved ones along for a calm and relaxing vacation. However, some like to get involved and stay on their feet throughout their time in this paradise. The latter group comes to the South Pacific and stays active, they try new and more adventurous things. So, if you’re looking for an amazing active vacation, take a look at the list below!

Forest Adventures: Port of Suva(Fiji) & Eden on the River

There is no better way to experience the lush, emerald green tropical forests that make Fiji a paradise it is than to zipline from tree to tree. If you opt for this Canopy Adventure, you’ll have a chance to see the pristine world from a unique perspective. There are guides that provide assistance and you’ll be flying through the forest in no time. This and other great activities, from trips to hot springs and mud pools to parties on exclusive islands, is what makes Fiji an ideal adventure destination. Especially for the younger generations who embark on life-changing journeys and thrilling Unleashed Travel graduation trips.

Vanuatu offers many adrenaline-filled activities. One of them surely is the journey through the stunning forest of Eden on the River. Should you go for this option, you’ll first have a scenic drive to this little paradise and then you’ll cross over the Bridges of Eden. That is some sort of a checkpoint and from there on, you’ll enter the magnificent forest. Do know that you’re in store for some adrenaline. There is a walk over three suspension bridges ranging from 23 to 52 meters long and between 2 to 4 meters above the river that will kick your heart rate up!

Canoeing & Kayaking galore: Riri River and Dumbea

Riri River is another jewel of the beautiful Vanuatu. And is there a better way to explore the river than take a canoe and explore for yourself? From your canoe, you’ll be able to see the stunning jungle greenery, exotic birds and if you lower your gaze, you’ll even see underwater inhabitants. After the ride, you can even go for a swim to freshen up before your trip ends.

When it comes to kayaking, New Caledonia is the place to be. Be a friend of the environment and take a tour of the Dumbea River in a kayak. This river meanders its way through the surrounding mineral rich hills. You’ll be able to see the unique contrast of red soil and green hues of the river. There is a guide beside the river that provides a short introduction to the art of kayaking. Once you’re afloat, you’ll get to enjoy the calm river setting that is only disrupted by the swish of paddles on your journey through one of the most beautiful valleys in New Caledonia.

Dream snorkeling: Mystery Island & Amedee Island

Snorkeling aficionados, gather around! Mystery Island has some treats for you! This island is a unique combo of heavenly peace and adrenaline-filled activities. Aside from kayaking, snorkeling there is something you just have to try. Above the surface, you’ll spot various landmarks that display how rich the island’s history is. Below the surface, you’ll meet exotic fish such as parrot fish, moon wrasse and sergeant major! After all, isn’t the name ‘Mystery Island’ provoking you to go and see what’s so mysterious about it?

On the other hand, you have Amedee Island. This cute coral atoll is neighboring Noumea. Of course, when you visit Amedee Island, you just have to put your snorkels on since it has crystal clear waters. You wouldn’t believe how clear they are until you actually see it for yourself. Do know that you can also combine glass boat tours of the reef along with snorkeling sessions? And we’ve already mentioned a few underwater residents of the South Pacific you’ll want to meet. Oh, and bring your underwater camera. You’ll want to snap a few photos while you’re at it.

It would really be surprising if you weren’t already packing your bags and planning your active vacation. After all, the South Pacific is full of thrills you’ll want to experience!