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The Simple Strategy to Achieving the Endless Travel Life In The Middle East

We all want to live it up like our favorite Insta celebs. But we can’t all earn income from social media and blogging. But what do you do when your day job interferes with your wanderlust?
Have no fear – because there are plenty of ways to incorporate travel into your everyday life while still collecting a regular paycheck.
Here is a simple strategy for achieving that endless travel life.

Become a weekend travel warrior

People travel worldwide to visit this area of the country. Dubai is a bucket-list destination for so many people in other parts of the world. And some of the hot Middle Eastern travel destinations may seem like old news to you, but explore them anyway.

When you explore the world around you like a tourist, you’ll experience life from a different perspective. And you don’t have to stay in your home city either. You can take weekend road trips or travel by plane. There are plenty of places you can explore during a weekend trip. Here are five examples:

• Dubai
• Abu Dhabi
• Ras Al Khaimah
• Kuwait City
• Beirut
• Manama

The list could go on and on. And if you’ve already visited these places, consider spending more time there. There’s so much to explore in our own backyard that you’ll feel like a new tourist.

Get a travel-oriented job

If you’re just starting out and realizing that your career is holding you back from your passion, consider another career. You may work for an airline or a cruise line and travel daily for work.
If you’re in a more specialized career or don’t want to change your path, consider working for an international company that will allow you to travel to various locations for work. Oftentimes, companies will let employees add personal travel days to the itinerary on business trips. Naturally, you should expect to pay for any personal travel expenses, including the hotel when you’re on personal time.

Start a travel blog

If your passion is travel, start a blog to keep track of your adventures. At first, it’ll be purely a hobby with sentimental benefits. But if you can gain a following, you may be able to monetize your blog through ads and/or affiliate links.
This may not turn into a full-time gig, and that’s okay. It could help fund the travel adventures you take on weekends and time off from work.
As a bonus, if you’re a skilled writer, you may also be able to land other travel writing gigs. Employers commonly search through travel blogs to find high-quality writers.
Travel writing often starts as a hobby, but it does have some potential to turn into a fulltime career. Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons because fame and glory aren’t an inevitable result.

Work from “home”

More and more employers today are allowing employees to work from home on a regular basis. Even if it doesn’t seem like an option at your place of employment, it may not hurt to ask. Naturally, you must first evaluate whether you can do your job at home. Obviously, it would be silly to ask your boss about work-from-home opportunities when you manage a retail location.
You’ll also need a plan for updating your boss on your progress, so he knows you’re not slacking off.
The boss doesn’t need to know you’re in Europe. But if you get the green light to work from home, you can basically go anywhere.
Just remember that working from home isn’t a vacation. You must actually spend as much time working as you would at your job. You may even need to work a little harder to show your boss the benefits of letting you work remotely. But when you clock out, you’re free to explore the wonders of your surroundings (wherever you may be).
This life can be anything you want. You just have to employ a bit of strategy and work towards your goals of endless travel.