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Solo road trip: Here are some tips to get prepared

A road trip is the best way to recharge yourself during hard and stressful times.


It’s a chance to get away from the never-ending problems and just catch your breath for a while. You discover all that nature has to offer and it really helps in giving you a new perspective on life, which is all you need sometimes.

According to The New York Times, road trips are getting more popular than ever. Going with loved ones is good to strengthen your relationships, but a solo road trip is just what you need to get to know yourself better and for some inner healing. It will be freedom like you’ve never experienced before.

While a road trip all on your own sounds incredibly exciting, it can also be a bit daunting. When you get right down to it, we’ve all heard the stories, right? But with a bit of planning and cleverness, you can avoid all kinds of disasters and horror stories on your trip. Read ahead for some tips to prepare you for the best time of your life.

  1. Prep your ride

Your car will pretty much be your home for the duration of your trip so make sure it’s safe and comfortable. The tires should be fine; oil should be changed; the heater or air-conditioning should be functioning properly, etc.

If you have doubts about it, don’t be lazy in taking your car to the mechanic and getting everything checked; better to be safe than sorry. If your car does break down during your trip, it might be hard to find someone to fix it right away.

If your car’s performance is questionable, it’d be better to do away with it altogether and sell it at a we buy any car company. You can then either buy another car or rent one just for the trip.

  1. Get your documents in order

Although it’s wise to keep your documents updated and in order all the time but it is especially important to do so when you’re traveling somewhere further than usual, like on a road trip.

These can include your identity card, passport (if you plan to go out of the country), driver’s license, car registration and insurance papers. If you lose these documents or don’t have them on you, it can be hard to get out of sticky situations. It might just become a long trip to a police station.

  1. Get vehicle insurance

In case you don’t have insurance already, it’s a good opportunity to get it before heading out on the road. This is also one of those things which will come in handy once you’re back from the trip. No one can really predict what will happen so having car insurance or even travel insurance can really put your mind at ease.


According to a survey conducted by Panoramic Villas, more than 82% brits use travel insurance. If your car starts having problems or you lose your luggage, you’ll thank yourself for spending that extra money on insurance.

  1. Don’t rely on your phone

We know your whole world resides in your phone, but for this trip, we’d recommend you put it down, if not leave it behind completely, to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

If you’re planning to use the GPS on your phone, keep in mind that it doesn’t work all the time at all places. Instead, keep an actual map of the route you plan to take. Mark all the roads and necessary stops on the way or just be spontaneous and take things as they go.

Even for when you’re not on the road and need some entertainment, don’t just directly log onto Facebook. Keep that book you’ve been trying to finish since the past year or any other good read. There’s something incredibly serene about reading your favorite book besides a beach or river, away from life’s hassles.

If there aren’t that many stops on the way, prepare a smashing playlist of your best-loved tracks to bob your head to while driving. You can’t call it a road trip if you don’t sing along to your favorite songs at the top of your voice.

Despite all this, you might still need your phone at times, and you won’t always have a place to charge it so remember to carry power banks and other backups for any gadget you’re taking.

  1. Pack prudently

Packing before a trip can be the most laborious and most confusing task ever. Will you need that extra shirt or those second pair of boots? What about that portable stove or the fishing hook?!

While you might feel like bringing along everything you own, it’s best to travel light with only essential things which you won’t find elsewhere. Having just one or two bags makes it easy for you to move around, especially if you plan to rest at hotels or hostels on the way.


Check the weather beforehand so you know which clothes you need to keep or if you’ll need an umbrella. Don’t spend the whole trip munching on oily, greasy, takeout food. Getting sick or having an upset stomach during a road trip is an entirely different horrid experience altogether. Especially on a solo road trip, it’s wise to take care of your diet by eating healthy snacks which you bring from home. You’ll also end up saving money on food. Don’t forget to keep a first aid kit for emergencies, as you won’t always be near a hospital. If you plan to camp out, learn how to set up a tent.

Most importantly, carry a journal or camera to capture all your experiences and preserve the memories which you can look back on to uplift your mood.

  1. Stay in touch

Even though the whole point of this trip is to have some ‘me time,’ it’s never a bad idea to stay in touch with your loved ones. We don’t want them to think you’ve gone MIA completely.

Tell them of your whole plan, including route, stops, vehicle information, etc., so that both of you have some peace of mind and they can quickly come to your aid if something goes wrong. Keep giving them updates on where you are and how you’re doing so they know you’re alright.


No solo road trip ever has to feel scary as long as you prepare beforehand and stay alert and careful during. All the brave souls out there might want to be spontaneous and just hit the road, but there are so many things to consider first.

Get plenty of sleep before you start the journey and during it too; road trips are no fun if you’re tired and sleepy. Visit your relatives who live far away and don’t get a chance to catch up with; you’ll feel less lonely and also save up on hotel costs.

Always be careful while driving and don’t try to be too smart by driving continuously for a long time; you’ll not only be a danger to yourself but others on the road too.

Keep these tips in mind for the most amazing solo road trip ever.

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