Oradea, an undiscovered gem of Romania

Oradea, city with millennial history, at the intersection of the Occident with the Orient, a genuine “bridge city” between two universes, that designs its own vision of the world, the best of the two parts brought to the stage.

Oradea, the Capitol City of Bihor County, is a bohemian city from the Northwestern region of Romania, and situated around 10 km from Borș, is one of the essential monetary and social sources, clutching these attributes all through its history. The city lies at a height of 126 m above sea level and is settled among slopes that partition and bind together the Crișana Plains and Apuseni Mountains.

Situated on the Crișul Repede River which separates the city into practically in 2 equal parts, it is the portal to Central Europe and Western Europe.

It is a transitional region, from uneven landscape (The Western Hills, The Oradea Hills and The Gepiş Hills) to the Pannonian plain.

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Two years before the arrival of the new millenium, a towering building was rising in the heart of Oradea. The Ochis family intended to build a cozy home at the time, but this eventually turned into a welcoming house for guests.

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In your free time do not hesitate to walk around the Bratianu Park, which is opposite the hotel, take a breath of fresh air and admire the old trees. The Ciuperca Hill, which is also near the hotel, offers a fascinating view of the town. The newest aquapark in the country and the Saint Cross Monastrey are in the proximity of the hotel and should be on your list of landmarks.

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