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Mount Mayon: A Travel Guide


If you are planning to visit Mount Mayon, here is a travel guide for you. These are the activities that you can enjoy when traveling to Albay, the home of the world-famous, Mount Mayon.

Have you heard of the perfect cone-shaped volcano in Albay, Philippines? Pretty sure you already did. Mount Mayon stands at 2,463 meters with forty-nine recorded eruptions.

Take amazing photographs in Cagsawa Ruins Park

Years ago, there was a nearby church in where Mount Mayon stands. The Cagsawa Ruins is what is left of the church after the eruption of the mighty volcano. Now, all you can see in the park is the topmost part of the Cagsawa Church, the rest lies in the ground. It is now labeled as one of the top tourist destinations in Albay.

Experience the ATV adventure

After a ten minute walk from the park, you can experience a rocky ATV (all-terrain vehicle) ride. If you are looking for an extreme and thrilling adventure, this ATV tour is for you. If you are a beginner, worry not, a travel guide will go with you during your ride. You can appreciate more the beauty of Mayon when you reach the mountain foot terrain. The ground territory is muddy and rocky, small and big rocks are scattered along the way, you have to hold steady during the entire trip. Your Mayon travel wouldn’t be complete without the extreme rocky ATV experience.

Be lost in nature in Ligñon Hill Nature Park

If you are a nature lover, be sure not to miss Ligñon Hill on your travel checklist. Ligñon Hill is situated in the heart of Legazpi City, Albay. The park is located at the top of the hill so you have to walk your way up. The view is mesmerizing, there are plenty of trees and flowers on the side walk, the city can also be seen from above. The park offers activities such as zipline rides and a short trip inside a war tunnel constructed during World War.

Mount Mayon Hike

When it is clear to hike, you can give it a go. Mount Mayon is one of the active volcanoes in the Philippines that is why you have to get in touch with the Tourism Department first before attempting to hike the mountain. There are two trails to choose from, a complete travel itinerary is available for you. You have to hike your way up through grasslands and forests.  You can also ask for some travel tips and rent a tour guide for a more convenient travel. You have to follow a set of travel safety tips for your hike adventure. Best time to hike the volcano is during summer time, between months of February to May.

Eat a lot of spicy food

Albay locals are very fond of eating spicy foods. When you travel to Albay, you surely cannot resist not tasting their spicy cuisines. A lot of restaurants in the area are offering different native foods like “Bicol Express” and “Pinangat”, these dishes are both cooked in coconut milk and are very spicy. You also have to try their “sili” ice cream, it is a chili pepper flavored ice cream that comes with a different level of spiciness. It is literally a very hot ice cream!

These are only few of the activities you can try when you visit the stunning Mount Mayon. Hopefully, this travel guide can help you out during your Mayon travel. See you at the top of the mighty Mayon!


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