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Most Beautiful Surfing Beaches in Australia


Just in case you weren’t aware of just how many beaches there are in the Land Down Under, here’s a fun fact. This majestic country boasts 35,877 km (22,293 miles) of coastline. Translation – a whole lot of fun in the sun. Yes, there are plenty of gorgeous and exotic beach destinations out there, but if you’re more into aquatic sports, surfing being the most popular one, you don’t want to miss out on Australia’s incredible waves; the waves that have made this country one of the top surfing destinations in the world. Of course, these beaches are amazing, period, but when your idea of fun in the sun goes beyond just sunbathing and drinking cocktails, the following selection will be right up your alley.

Starting with Sydney

It’s no secret that Sydney is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, and if you’re already packing your bags and booking a ticket, you might want to put the Northern Beaches on the top of your list. These beaches stretch across 20 km between Manly and Palm Beach and they are the place to be, the heart and soul of the surfing community. One fun fact – Freshwater beach was the place where Hawaiian surfing icon Duke Kahanamoku introduced the Aussies to what would become one of their favorite sports back in 1915. However, the best part is that, even if you’re a neophyte, there are tons of surf in Manly, but if you’re already one with the sea, feel free to head straight over to North Narrabeen and experience some supreme waves that are not meant for beginners.


The angelic experience

If you’re travelling from Sydney, you go north, but if you’re coming from Brisbane, you’re just a short 160km south away from one of the most gorgeous beaches in New South Wales – the stunning Angel’s Beach in Ballina. Ballina is generally known as the home of the most beautiful surfing beaches and stunning vistas, and the Angel’s Beach is the town’s point of pride. In case you’re looking for a great place to unwind and even participate in amazing activities, but also to ‘anchor yourself’ during your surfing adventure time, there’s always the superb Seabreeze caravan park which boasts luxurious but affordable accommodation options. This place has literally something for everyone, so while you’re, for instance, chasing the best waves, your friends or family can feel free to find entertainment nearby. Therefore, it’s the perfect compromise solution if you’re travelling with non-surfers. To get to the Angel’s Beach is easy, just fly to Ballina Airport and rent a car. You can fly from Sydney, Melbourne or Newcastle.

Go West

The historic Rottnest Island, mistakenly named so by the Dutch navigator Willem de Vlamingh, who landed on the island in 1696 due to the abundance of small marsupials called quokkas, which he thought were rats, is also a place in Western Australia which the very same man named an earthly paradise. All you have to do is catch the ferry at Fremantle, near Perth, and in 25 minutes you’ll find yourself at Rottnest Island, which boasts 63 beaches. Seclusion, awesome waves, what more can a surfer want?  Your best choices are Strickland Bay, Salmon Bay, and Stark Bay as they’re famous for their breaks and countless reef breaks on both sides of the island.

A place for pros


If you really are one with the waves and consider yourself a kind of a pro, then Bells Beach, on the Great Ocean Road, is the place to be. If you’re not convinced that these waves are not suitable for beginners, perhaps the fact that this is where a well-known surf competition called the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach takes place will be a convincing factor. This beach is surrounded by rock cliffs which make for a perfect spot for the competition spectators, so perhaps you’ll want to stay on the sidelines and watch the pros first before you dare face these waves yourself. But when you do, you will never forget the feeling.

The trendy spot

When you want to see and be seen, Byron Bay is the place to be. This is one of the trendiest coastal towns and if you’re from or staying in Brisbane, it’s just a short 1.5-hour ride to this hotspot. This is where, aside from surfers, the cool kids, the alternative kids, as well as hippies and hipsters gather in perfect harmony. However, aside from all the trendiness, this is the perfect place to embark on your surfing experience as the main beach in Byron offers great lessons for newbies at the surfing school called Let’s Go Surfing. It’s not exactly a place where a passionate and experienced surfer would necessarily want to be, but if you’re looking for a good time with different people while mastering the art of surfing, then you’re definitely in the right place.

Bayron Bay

Australia does really have it all, so check out the list carefully, see where you fit, and then head down to the beach of your choosing that’s ready for your skill set. You may have surfed in a lot of places, but once you surf Aussie style, you’ll never go back.