List of the Top 10 Beaches in Europe

Europe is a continent, which has different countries in it. It has some big and famous countries such as Germany, Norway and Denmark and it has some other countries which are not that famous like Moldova and San Marino (yeah right, you never heard of them before). It covers about 2% of this whole earth with 10,180,000 square kilometers.  It has different kind of people in it so it also has different taste in every genre. People of Europe are friendly and love to enjoy their life, as it is surrounded by an ocean so there are different things that are must-visit if you are planning to travel Europe.

Among of different other things, Beaches are the best part of Europe, if you love to enjoy beautiful water and scenes. Here is the list of best beaches of Europe which can change your mood from worst to bad, real quick.

  1. Navagio Beach, Greece.

Navagio Beach is located in the country of Greece, is an exposed cove on the coast side of lonian island Zakynthos. This beach is famous because of many reasons, one of them is that famous smuggler was arrested on this beach while delivering his stuff. It is located on the North West side of Zakynthos. This area is famous because of its white stones, beaches and pure blue water in the ocean which pull thousands of people towards this beach yearly.


  1. Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia.

After Navagio Beach, Zlatni Rat Beach is second most famous beach of Europe. Zlatni Rat is also known as Golden Horn. It is located in Croatia in the region of Dalmatia. It is a piece of land located about 2 kilometers from harbor town towards west side. Special thing about this beach is that its shape keeps changing every month or year. For back to back 2 years, Zlatni Rat Beach was named as “Best Beach Destination”. This beach gives perfect sun set views which makes more beautiful dinner even without any crowed around.


  1. Calo des Moro, Balearic Islands, Mallorca, Spain.

Ever heard of Spanish beauty? Calo des Moro is the best example for the beauty of Spain and its people. It is located in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. It has clear crystal water which flows through the winds from east. There, you can also find car parking area, so you can use different Car Rental Deals available in Spain to visit this place. CarRentals.Deals would help you a lot to visit S’Almunia which is at walking distance from Calo des Moro. A huge hotel was planned to built there but people living around that beach stopped them to built that hotel because they wanted to keep that beach as clean as it is now.


  1. Oludeniz Beach, Turkey.

Oludeniz Sea is also known as Dead Sea due to its calm water even in the days of sea storms. Oludeniz means Blue Logan in normal language, as this beach is located in Turkey so Oludeniz is its Turkish name. As this beach is connected with Mediterranean Sea so it is the most photographed beach of that sea. This beach itself is a pebble beach. The water around this beach is famous because of its shady nature. This beach is being rated as Top 5 Beaches in past few years.


  1. Praia Marinha Beach, Algarve, Portugal.

Praia Marinha means Navy Beach in English language, is located in Algarve, Portugal. It is one of the most beautiful and demonstrative beaches of Portugal. In 1998 it got “Golden Beach” award by Portugal Ministry.  Pictures of this beach often used in many campaigns to promote their country. This beach also has high quality water as well as beautiful high cliffs. This beach has been used by different agencies to make their ads or movies as well.


  1. Virgin Island’s Creek, Crozon, France.

It is not easy to have access of Virgin Island’s Creek beach as it is one of secrets beaches in Europe and it is located in Crozon, France. This beach is also known as Point of Saint Hernot. Come and discover all perks of this beach like locals do. As told you before, this beach is kind of secret beach so its entry point is kind of different and dangerous than other beaches.


  1. Sveti Stefan Beach, Budva, Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan now known as Aman Sveti Stefan Beach is located in Montenegro on the distance of approximately 6 kilometers from Budva. These beaches are different from other beaches as they are known as Pink Sandy Beaches as well. There are different 5 star hotels located near this beach as well which makes this beach more beautiful. This beach gives complete package if you want to swim in summer. This is unusual and unique beach not only in that country but in whole Europe.


  1. Baia delle Zagare, Italy.

The coast side of Gargano has different number of house and beaches which attracts numerous numbers of travelers. Baia delle Zagare is one of those people which are located in Italy and gives complete fun even when you are going with your family. It is surrouned by different Salt Lakes, resorts and one of the oldest Shrine.


  1. Porto Katsiki Beach, Vasiliki, Greece.

Like Navagio Beach, Porto Katsiki Beach is also situated on the Ionian Sea island. It is based in Vasiliki, Greece. This beach is at the bottom of the sea that’s why this is called Porto Katsiki Beach because only goats can reach to that place easily. This beach is down the cliff and abot 35 kilometers from Lefkada.


  1. Weymouth Beach, Dorset, England.

Weymouth is a beautiful town located in Dorset, England and it has one beautiful and clean beach which makes this city more amusing to visit. This beach covers 3 miles of land and water. There is plenty of different things to enjoy on that beach from traditional things to lively events such as Punch and Judy, Volleyball and live music. This beach won 2016 award of Best Beach.


Done!!!! We have proposed you these ten beatiful beaches. Now, you can also propose your favorite beaches in Europe by using the comments below.

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