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How to Stay Fit While Traveling

We all have that switch in our head that takes us from regular to vacation mode, and that vacation mode is usually not sustainable: we spend too much money, we eat whatever we want, we treat ourselves because, hell – we’re on vacation! But what happens when you spend more time traveling than you do at home? Your vacation mode will switch on, and you are left with a problem, especially if you want to stay fit. But there is a way to enjoy yourself while traveling without overindulging, and let’s see how.

Think about transportation

When you are traveling, you probably won’t have your car with you, and you will have to manage with local transport. Of course, you could book a hotel that is right next to the location you are working at, or you can pay for a cab every time you need to go somewhere, but why not go for the sweet spot and get a place that is about a 20-minutes’ walk away from the places you’ll be visiting daily, and have that short walk be an addition to your exercise. Or, if you are in a city that is bike-friendly, rent out a bike and use that as your main form of transportation.

Find the right place


In order to stay fit, you have to keep up as similar of a routine as you’ve had back home. This means that if you’re used to running every morning, you should look for accommodation near a track you can run along. If you’re more into going to the gym, then finding a hotel with unlimited gym use is the way to go. Set yourself up for success by choosing a place that motivates you to stay active. Even if you’re not normally too active, being in a hotel with a big pool that you can freely use might just be what you need to motivate yourself to work out.

Watch what you eat

This is especially important if you’ve traveled to a new place full of amazing food that you’ve never seen before – and you want to try everything. This is completely fine, and there is a way to do it while still not overindulging. For starters, you want to make sure you’re not bored-eating while you’re on the go. Instead of stopping at every gas station or in every restaurant at the airport, pack some healthy snacks in your bag and nibble on them as you go. Try to also distract yourself by reading or playing video games to keep your hands busy and away from food. Next, try to always look for restaurants that offer tasting plates with bite-sized portions of all the popular foods. This will allow you to taste everything without eating a big portion. You should also plan and distribute the tastings throughout all the days of your stay and avoid eating in popular and familiar chains to leave space for the local food.

Stay motivated


Perhaps the hardest thing of all is to stay motivated to spend half an hour at the gym while you could be lounging around or exploring a new city. Remember that exercise is enjoyable and that you aren’t “wasting that time”, but rather working on yourself and making yourself feel good. You can do it early in the day, before breakfast, when you wouldn’t be doing anything else anyways, and you can do a short but intense workout to save time.

 If you are going to be spending a lot of time on the road, you might as well get used to it and start treating that as your new normal. Sooner or later, the vacation mode will simply adapt to accommodate the healthy choices, and you will be able to enjoy your travels while maintaining your desired figure.