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How to get to Cancun Underwater Museum?


A vacation to Mexico can’t be complete without visiting the Cancun Underwater Museum. So, this is the question that comes to every mind that is thinking of a wonderful vacation to Mexico.

The uncommon thing about the museum is its location. The museum, comprising of three different galleries with 500 sculptures, is submerged between three and six meters deep in the ocean and is part of the Cancún National Marine Park.

Cancun is a city of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and is served by Cancun International Airport (CUN), which ranks as the biggest airport in Mexico. The museum is just 11.1 km, a 14 minutes car ride, from Cancun Airport. So, all you need is to reach Cancun Airport.

Learn how to reach Cancun from different cities of the US.

From Las Vegas to Cancun Flight

You are unlikely to see nonstop flights to Cancun, Mexico. Focus on direct flights to Cancun. Most of the one-stop flights have a layover at Dallas-Dallas Ft Worth, TX. The flight duration could be as long as thirteen hours. The airport is served by some of the world’s best airlines including American Airlines. Cheap airlines are offering only domestic flight services. The economy class Cancun airfares from Las Vegas cost around $400.

From New York to Cancun Flight

From New York-John F Kennedy Airport you can easily find nonstop flights to Cancun. You have more choices here in terms of airlines. The flight duration could stretch up to 10 to 10 hours 30 minutes and fares could be around $500.

From Los Angeles to Cancun Flight

From Lost Angeles, direct flights are the only options. Currently, no airlines offer nonstop flight serviced to the destination. However, the fares are comparatively cheaper than from New York to Cancun and Las Vegas to Cancun. The cost of airline tickets is around $350.

From Chicago to Cancun Flight

Chicago is closer to Cancun. A flight from Chicago generally takes around 3 hours 30 minutes to land on to Cancun International Airport and the fares would be close to $250. There are many cheap flights originating from Chicago-O’hare International Airport. With many choices in hand, you can easily book low-cost airline tickets to Cancun and reach your dream vacation destination.

Once you reach your destination airport, you can easily find taxi and bus services to find yourself at the Cancun Underwater Museum. To know more about the place, visit the official website.

Likewise, you can easily find flights to Cancun from your cities. However, to book cheap flights to Cancun, we recommend you to compare the airfares on websites of the top-rated ARC-approved vendor. Subscribe to their newsletters or blogs to receive alerts on the best Cancun flight deals.