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Experiencing Sheer Bliss amidst the Emerald Waters of Kerala


Having lived in Australia for 15 years, I never stopped myself from making small to big moves and travelling is one things I have loved throughout my life. I have been to places as I have fetish for collecting memories, be it from any part of the world.

On my recent visit to India, which went off well, I came across this beautiful place called Kerala. My purpose was to visit a client over there and I came back with oodles of satisfaction, not only because the deal clicked; but the tourist destination seemed significantly interesting.

On my visit to the southern end of the country, I came across some locals who were suggesting me to take a houseboat vacation into consideration. I didn’t quite pay any heed to their talks until I searched on the internet and bumped into some heavenly images of the Kerala Backwaters, a place that has never turned down travel enthusiasts.

The Houseboat Vacation

After stepping my foot onto this south Asian land, I came across different people from different states; they told me about Kashmir and how stunningly beautiful the place really is. My client who hails from Southern India, suggested that I take a boathouse vacation.

After a rigorous research on my smartphone, I finally chose to visit the Backwaters and spend some time on the emerald waters of the South. Bordered by lush paddy fields, the place looked no less than haven for solace and beauty. What attracted me the most, was nature’s efforts to shield the serene waterways with picturesque green foliage.

Kerala has been aptly named as “God’s own country”; the state’s rich bio-diversity speak of its fame as a tourism destination. There is a chain of lakes and lagoons, running parallel to western edges of the region.  The houseboat experience was stunning. It made feel like “I am at home with myself”. I rejoiced every moment of such fiesta in solitude amidst the interlinked water-bodies that mainly included natural canals, inlets, lakes and estuaries.

The stretch is vast, extending for 900km. As my houseboat cruised through the calm waters I discovered that I was in complete awe of the scenic charm prevailing here. I have heard many of friends who spoke about boat rides, they had particularly enjoyed in the US; but what I came across was unparalleled. Alleppey turned out extremely beautiful, and I have even heard people referring to this region as “Venice of the East”.

The country boat which took me to the inlets were simple yet beautiful in its truest sense. As the water-ways cris-crossed through the inlets, my eyes could reach out to the lovely dwellings, the eateries and shops that surrounded the either side of the waters. I had collected some souvenirs for my family, cousins and colleagues- the little purchases spoke of the rich Indian heritage.

Cruising along for hours, the boat ride indeed rendered me the pleasure I was looking for. The coconut trees, the lush fields, the floating surface, ducks in flocks, the water lilies, authentic Indian seafood, the long necked birds aiming for fish and of course the relaxing moment with the monarch of the sky coming to rest, made me wonder what I could have missed had I not ben here. Kerala backwaters has cast a spell on me, I can still remember the vivid colours with which nature has painted “God’s own country”; a sheer incredible experience of a lifetime.

I was sceptical about my visit to India. Didn’t really know if the client meet would be a success or a complete failure such that even when I was keeping my car under safe custody at the Airport parking in Perth, I kept wondering if this would work out and to my surprise, the vacation came out to be an unforgettable one.


Christine Redston is a travel enthusiast who loves penning content on different travel related topics. Each of her write-ups give a clear insight into destinations and major attractions centring such locations. The writer loves travelling and pursues her passion in writing, together combined she comes up with some incredible write-ups. The author has mentioned in the blog how she was in two minds about her visit to India. She said he was giving it a second thought even while parking her vehicle at the airport parking in Perth. However the trip turned out exciting for Christine.