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Cheap way to Visit Fallas in Valencia from UK.


Valencia welcomes the Spring with a Spectacular and Enjoyable Experience: Fallas.

Fiestas, Parades, Open-air celebrations, Bullfights, and other entertainment events complete the Fallas’ programme of these festivities.

At this time, it can be very difficult and expensive to find a flight to Valencia Maninses Airport (VLC) for Fallas’ dates. But fortunately you have an alternative. Fly to Castellon Airport.

TOTAL TRIP PRICE (Approx. calculated at the moment of writting this article): Less than 210€ for 4 nights. Do it yourself.

  • Fallas Valencia – Festival dates: From 1st to 19th of March
  • Flight: £39.98 (Ryanair flight London-Stantsted (STN) to Castellon Airport (CDT)).
  • Shuttle Bus from Castellon Airport to Valencia 40€ (return ticket)
  • Hostel: From 30€/pax/night

As a common mediterranean community, the people of the region of Valencia love to spend a lot of time outdoors mingling with others. This way of life is highlighted during the festivals they celebrate throughout the year. During these joyful fiestas, nobody feels out of place celebrating Fallas with Valencian people.

Fallas is the best known festival of Valencia, which in turn can also celebrate the fact that this year they have been declared UNESCO Cultural Heritage. This celebration which has grown on an enormous scale is now a spectacular event but there was a time when it used to be simple bonfires using old leftover wood which carpenters could no longer use. That was a long time ago.

Nowadays, the monumental statues are characters which reflect current affairs both national and international about politics and society, reflecting at times certain irony. Thousands of them are placed all over the region within different areas of the towns. There are Fallas committees set up that work all year round to collect resources and programme the dates while also organising different events during the Fallas.

The most important events are held during the week of 19th March, Valencia starts preparing the festivities from 1st March with the Mascletà. Mascletaes are the fireworks display held every day at 2pm at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, in which thousands of people gather to admire the spectacle.

An important day in Fallas is the night of 15th March, when the traditional Plantà of fallas takes place. The night of the Plantà is the night in which the monuments are installed in the streets. Works goes on all night to install the more than 700 figures in the city’ streets and squares. Some of these enormous statues can reach up to 20 metres in height.

Each Falla is a seriosly profound work of art which will later be burned to ashes. On the night known as the Cremà which falls on March 19th. These brilliant works of art in form of colourful monuments are on display in the streets to be admired as a star features as they celebrate along with music, fireworks, firecrackers and bangers.

The most spectacular and most popular Fallas occur in the capital city of Valencia. However, the festive spirit, the vocation and dedication, the artistic creativity, and the work carried out by the committees are equally important irrespectable of the size of their Fallas. All the forementioned have converted Fallas in what is nowadays UNESCO Cultural Heritage Interest.