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9 Travel Tips You Must Know: 2019 Update


Traveling to any specific destination or around the world is something that everyone has dreamt of at some point of their life. But the obvious questions that come with any travel decisions are- like where to visit, which route to select, how about accommodations, what to expect and lastly confirming flight bookings.

Obviously, this is the big picture, but little things like long tiresome ques, long drives to the airport, and frequent delays are enough to make your trip stressful. Some of those can easily be managed but some aren’t.

Knowing few important tips and tricks will let you avoid unusual situations and speed up the preparation process. These are none other than my mistakes which I made since I made my first travel itinerary list.

So, these 9 simple but handy tips will save your holiday travel plan and will make your trip much easier, safe and enjoyable one!

Be flexible even where it’s not necessary:

It’s better to be prepared for unexpected. Things aren’t just like at your home. Don’t get shocked if you don’t get the accommodation for which you paid for! Or if you can’t get out of the airport due to your destination’s political unrest.

So have a plan B for the odds and keep patience. If you really can’t go through it, try to be flexible as much as possible. Like if you miss transportation, wait for the next or pick another route to reach there on time.

How to manage airport timing effectively:

It’s always better to leave for the airport a bit early. On some airports you actually can avoid checking your luggage by security personnel. Normally luggage checking require more than one hour on an average.


Same way printing the online boarding pass earlier can buy you some time. Besides airlines prefers you to complete online check-in as well. It also ensures your preferred seat confirmation swiftly.

Utilize those extra minutes in gathering information regarding your destination. It’ll help you to add or deduct any elements from your literary list.

Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language:

Isn’t it embarrassing when you don’t know the local language but you have to carry on conversation with a local? I had to face these sad moments many times throughout my travel career. There are times when I had to stand and smile just like a dumb flute in front of a locale.


I know sometimes it becomes difficult to get yourself introduced with new phrases which are completely gibberish to you.

But knowing these phrases will be a great help while travelling. It helps to deal with the emergency situation, open doors of hidden travel destinations beyond regular plan, safety and finally travel becomes so much simpler.

Talk to the Locals:

I always talk to locals. They know better than any apps. You’ll get ins and outs about where to go to, what to explore and whole lots of new hidden gems you can’t imagine.


Every time I visit any local shop, I ask where they used to go on their vacation and what they love about that place. You can’t get all in online but this approach allows you to experience the destination better than you planned.

Get the FREE stuff when traveling:

No matter where you are traveling, the expenses can add up very fast. Sometimes budget becomes the biggest problem in having a great time on vacation. But that doesn’t always mean to drop the plan.


There are few strategies which can bring down the costs. If you talk to local or Surf the net, easily you can come up with a list of free activities- like promo deals, local coupons, discount programs, free dinner zones for kids, restaurant gift cards and many more.

Besides, visiting some free zones make unforgettable memories, like- walk or bike ride to reach the destination, attending museums or tourist spots on free days, becoming a part of the local fair.

Carry-on Travel essentials before you leave your home:

There might be hundreds of toolkits to pack for a holiday trip which might look like solving a jigsaw puzzle! Even though travelers lost items and sometimes forget to pack essentials.


So you need a strategic plan for traveling with carry-on luggage. It makes travel movement easy and can help you on carrying weight fees as well. There might also be some restriction of domestic airlines to carry a large backpack!

For the last couple of trips, I used lightweight shoulder sling carry bag that mostly outdoor enthusiast use. The bag’s interior is built with shock absorbing memory foam which is perfect to protect my DSLR camera, lightest binoculars and other pricey items. It also has multiple storage compartments and pockets for storing important flight itinerary as documents, passport, boarding pass, water jar, beer can, few currencies, sleeping and other necessary essentials.

Backup Methods for your Travel Documents:

Suppose you lose your shoes in a trip, you might easily get a new pair with some expense. But losing identity is actually the worst situation a traveler can experience. Can you actually replace your passport or visa in a foreign country? What if you have to return to your home without completing the trip? Even if you managed the situation, it might cost you waiting for days or huge money.


But a list of back up documents can tackle the odds much easier and hassle-free. Quickly you can report to your nearest embassy to get authorization for staying even after losing the original documents.

So it’s important to make few photocopies of your original travel documents like- Passport, visa information, travel insurance, credits cards, trip itineraries, flight or cruise tickets, boarding passes, accommodation confirmation or any other prepaid confirmation. Keep one copy in your carry-on bag and other on a separate luggage.

Keep more than one option to carry currencies:

Money is the most important ingredient to keep your tour running. Having a perfect plan for carrying money can release you from several headaches.


The options are debit cards, credit cards, hard cash and travel money card. Before making any transaction, have a look at extra charges or fees as well.

A pro tip: don’t keep all your money in one wallet or purse rather hide in different sections. Besides, store all bank transaction details in your leisure time to point out any overcharges.

Don’t forget travel insurance:

It’s possible to predict when you’ll become sick, injured or even robbed even in any safest place on the planet! Accidents, mishaps, and unusual situations happen.


No worries- now a days there are different types of travel insurance available that can protect you against huge hospital bills, stolen essentials or any other valid and significant financial losses.