9 Best Places to visit in Milan

Are you going to visit Italy soon and looking for real fun! If yes, then you need to have added Milan in your travel planner for some remarkable moments.

Besides this modern touch of the 21st century, Milan is popular enough for its age-old building, rich history, and rich culture.

This metropolis is not only financial hub of the country but also the fashion capital. Blooming fashion designers and entrepreneurs die to start their first work from here because of its well-fame. A plethora of spots is there to visit in Milan that arises as the apple of discord in front of the travel planner. Here is the list of 10 best places to visit in Milan. Let’s look into them, rent a car at Milan Airport and make your journey a remarkable one.

  1. II Duomo

This is the best place to visit once you are in Milan. Not only the historical artifacts of this place attract lots of visitors toward it but also the great architecture of 15th century lures tourist to visit this place. It is an amalgamation of various culture and style that makes it unique and a must see for the person whoever visits Milan.

  1. Castello Sforzesco

This is another famous museum of Milan that showcases the Castello sforzesco between Sforza and Visconti family. This was built in 1535, but the complete structure was completed back in 1905. This has now become a ground for military training. This is one of the living examples of fierce rivalries among the families in Italy during Renaissance in Italy. In the 14th century initially, it was constructed as the fortress, which was used to showcase prestige and power to the rivalry groups in Milan. However, at present, this has become turned into a great spot for tourists. It exhibits shows of Egyptian arts and Italian Renaissance.


  1. Santa Maria delle Grazie

Designed by Donato Bramate this church is one of the famous spots in Milan. This church is known for its great artifacts. One of the prominent artifacts among the various others is the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci. Back in 1999, the restoration process of this iconic picture had completed, and still today it amazes the visitors with its beauty.


  1. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Built back in the 19th century this is an attractive enclosed shopping plaza in the world. Owing to its large blue glass ceiling, it exhibits great architectural value that makes it unique in the world. This place is well-famed as the Milan’s Drawing Room because both the budding and seasoned entrepreneurs love to fix their deals under the vaulted blue glass roof of Emanuele II.


  1. La Scala

Among the various opera houses in the world, La Scala is the most famous one. It has a capacity of 2800 audience at once and provides good quality shows throughout the year. One can visit inside the opera if there is no rehearsal is in progress. Thus check the schedule before you avail some car rentals deals to this place.


  1. Museo Bagatti Valsecchi

This is an interesting place to try out once you are in Milan. This site showcases vivid arts and explicit interiors to awestruck its visitors. This place is flooded with beautiful glassware, outstanding furniture and lots of books.


  1. Piazza dei Mercanti

This was the administrative center of the Milan during the medieval ages. Though this place has become an ordinary part of town but it had a lot of importance during the ancient ages. It used to be the marketplace of the Milan. Presently nothing is outstanding except age-old buildings, which are still standing tall against all the modern structures. During Christmas, this place becomes a lively market, but in other days it attracts tourists who want to feel the history of Milan.


  1. Quadrilatero d’Oro

Would like to taste delicious cousin or like to wear some explicit pearl set! From food to cloth everything can be found in the Quadrilatero d’Oro without many tantrums. Connected by Golden Quadrilateral this place is an easy reach with cheap car rentals deals. This place is not only acknowledged as exclusive shopping place of Milan but also one of the world famous fashion centers too. Fashion divas and world class entrepreneurs frequently visit this place to buy ornaments and fix their deals respectively.

  1. Pincacoteca di Brera

Landed in Milan recently and wanted to taste the heritage of Milan! Visit Pincacoteca di Brera for some outstanding experience. This famous museum of Milan showcases some best piece of sketches of the 18th century. This museum has 40 rooms and holds lots of large piece of arts upstairs from the Accademia di Belle Arti.


Done!!!! We have proposed you these 9 beatiful tourism attractions in Milan. Now, you can also propose your favorites attractions in Milan by using the comments below.

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