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10 Most Romantic Cities in Europe


10 most romantic cities in Europe. Take a drive and Find the Beauty along the way.

Do you have any romantic ideas to surprise your couple? But something beyond the typical lollipops of hearts, chocolates, cakes, flowers, dinners, spas and assorted cupcakes. What if you take a break? A surprise trip is something we would all like to receive someday, so … you’re still on time! If you have not yet chosen a destination, here are the 10 most romantic cities in Europe. Take a drive and Find the Beauty along the way.

These cities are known for their aesthetic beauty and their warm atmosphere which combines to provide the most romantic experience. So when you want to have some time off, make sure you visit these cities and you won’t regret you did. The best places to express romance in Europe in no particular order.


This location in Italy serves up the best for a romantic experience. Wonderful events to see in Venice include the Venice carnival, festival of Madonna Del Angelo celebrated in Caorle, to the sand sculpture festival of Jesolo. All these entertainment spots and many more serves up to surprise and entertain you.


This location in France needs no further introduction. Popularly known as the City of Love ❤, there is a reason it has earned that name over the years. This is because of the romantic walks, amazing restaurant and more. The Eiffel tower is just an added advantage. With its aesthetic beauty, cinematic decors and eternal charm, Paris serves as a tourist attraction for love birds.


Another location is Italy known for its arts masterpiece. The most romantic sites in the city include the roman quadrilateral, the narrow streets of the medieval city and the splendors of the city. The art works attract lovers all over the world. A combination of its Tuscan sun, melting gelato and your other half by your side serves up for the most romantic trip ever. It’s also pertinent to know that Italy itself offers awesome delicacies. Nothing could go wrong. It is a very romantic idea to hire a car in Pisa, drive the Toscana and finish your trip spending several days in Florence. I did it some years ago with my couple and was amazing.


A romantic getaway in London strolling through the streets of Westminster abbey will make you feel the true essence of romance. The city has a mix of everything to make for a wonderful romantic experience. The city provides lovers with a combination of everything from the wonderful mix of cool, quirk and the spectacular. London has a lot to offer for every day lovers through its strolls, cozy hub and amazing culture.


The city in Czech Republic has been called many names over the ages because of its aesthetic beauty. Some of the names that the city has been called includes crown of the world, the golden city. It is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Its vibrant cultural metropolis has been named a UNESCO heritage site since 1992. A visit to the city will show you the reason why. The architecture of the city will definitely leave you loved up in your partner’s arms.


A city in Netherlands, commonly called the northern Venice because of the abundant canals in the city. It offers possibility for a romantic ride with your couple through the canals, the beauty of the city is something that will definitely amaze you. You can decide to explore the quiet morning or watch the sunrise on the canals as they gradually take an orange glow also the Car Rental Deals offered in the city very cheap.The romance exuding from the Dutch capital cannot be compared with what any other city can offer.


This city offers what most cities on earth can only imagine, strolling down the cobblestone street that has beautiful gothic designs on the buildings on either side makes a for memorable romantic experience. The lovely hotels and spas in Brussels make a romantic journey there worthwhile. Brussels also offers great aesthetic value for the beauty of the city.


Its volcanoes and the exquisite water bodies make it to be one of the most romantic get way places in Europe. The island of Santorini has been touted as a wedding destination for love birds all over the world; moreover the city offers more favorable rates in Car Rentals and fewer crowds but offers as much romantic cloud as anywhere else in the world.


A famous city in Spain, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and the reason for this is not farfetched given the unique charm, amazing architectural designs. Its culture, history and its food will make for an unforgettable romantic experience. The city offers strolls in the sunset through the streets of Barcelona and its cozy atmosphere will definitely wow you and your partner.


A city in Portugal which is set between mountains and seas, its unique location makes it an important destination for lovers to get away. Its historical heritage, luxurious nature and cosmopolitan culture are a plus to the natural beauty of the area. The city is believed to exude a romantic aura that will leave a lasting impression on you and your partner.

Done!!!! We have proposed you these ten beatiful cities. Now, you can also propose your favorite city in Europe by using the comments below.

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