If you want to visit any delightful scenery and attractive towns in this world then it is probably hard to beat or leave behind Switzerland. Switzerland is quite small country with Germany, France and Australia on its sides. Bern is its capital which has the world’s eyes on it. Tourism of Switzerland is famous in whole world due to its beautiful and charming places. There are different blue lakes, glaciers and Soaring Alps which dominant the beauty of Switzerland. Snuggled between the blue lakes and mountains valleys lie world’ best resorts which have the facility of hiking, climbing, skiing, biking and paragliding on the doorsteps. People come here from different countries to spend their good time here.

From world class watches to their taste in food, Switzerland is different from all other European counties. It’s easy to enjoy this tiny city once you know the facts about this country. Their best transport system makes it easy for tourists to visit this whole country in comfortable and cheap journey. Switzerland’s cities such as Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich tell the history perfectly with the help of museums and different art galleries.

As France and Switzerland shares a border with each other, France’s language and different customs are highly infused by French people. Because of having French customs and Italian architecture, sometimes Switzerland looks like one big country which has so many different countries in it. For all those people who want to visit Switzerland, a low crime country, here are 10 places which are must visit places.

  1. Zurich:

The largest city of Switzerland is known as Zurich, a big hub and a huge starting point for travelers and visitors. It lies at the north side of Zurich Lake. To enjoy this city you must walk this city instead of traveling on boats on cars. There are more than 50 museums and one hundred art galleries in this one city. A short stroll from Zürich’s main station, the Swiss National Museum, in a Gothic chateau, spotlights Swiss cultural history.

  1. Chateau de Chillon:

Chateau de Chillon or Chillon Castle is a castle on the island located on the Geneva Lake. The Chillon Castle is the result of past centuries of, adaptations, constant building, restorations and renovations. It has been excavated in the end of the 19th century, in particular by the archeologist Albert Naef. It consists of 3 country yards and almost 25 buildings which are easily accessible by buses and boats. Chillon Castle is one of the most visited places in whole Switzerland.


  1. Matterhorn:

Matterhorn is also known as the Mountain of Mountains which is shaped like a jagged tooth. It attracts adventurers as it has the most beautiful scenery of nature. It is a border between Italy and Switzerland as well. Beautiful trains passing by makes it more fantastic to travel there. There is a beautiful village as well which is almost in the foot of this mighty mountain. Skiers schuss down in the winter and in the summer people play tennis and swim there to enjoy its beauty.


  1. Jungfraujoch:

The Jungfraujoch is highest train station of the Europe and is a wonderland that helps people to enjoy with the quieter atmosphere.  It is also one of big three towers over the green meadows. There lies Interlaken in the middle of this huge point, which is a rustic and beautiful town which attracts skiers to start their journey from there. From this point you can visit different other beautiful points or places as well such as Grindelwald-First and Schynigge Platte.


  1. Lake Geneva:

As we know, Switzerland is most beautiful place on this planet earth and Lake Geneva is one of the places which make this country that beautiful. It is a giant liquid basin which is called by ‘Lem an’. It is 582 square kilometer lake with beautiful fairy-tale on its shores. This lake is also a great starting point to start journey towards Conton Vaud especially in winters. As Geneva is third biggest city of Switzerland, it has beautiful crowed and greenery.


  1. Swiss National Park:

Switzerland has only one national park in it so it is must for that to look attractive and beautiful more than any other place. It has almost 172 square KM scenery which is covered with snow most of the time. There are more than 21 hiking routes which give eye catching scenery as well. This park has different routes from Scuol and Zernez.


  1. Lugano:

Lake Lugano gives another view of Switzerland when it comes to visit it. It borders Italy on the left side so it has Italian influence on it. In the towns around this lake, Italian influence gives an eye catching beauty especially the architecture and food. Dubbing team of the famous ‘Monte Carlo of Switzerland’ also lives beside this same area. In Bellinzona three beautiful castles which are owned by UNESCO World Heritage sites.


  1. Bern:

Medieval city of Bern is the capital of this beautiful country, many people does not know about that fact, but once you visit this city and steps on the grounds and streets of this city you will see a clear change and feel that truth. Bern is most well kept historical place in Switzerland. Colorful weekly market, River Aare and Bear Park makes this city more beautiful.


  1. Lucerne:

Lakeside city Lucerne is in the heart of Switzerland, another historical town which is nestled between different mountains. Chapel Bridge is one of the most attractive landmarks of this city which was built in the 14th century. It also has the famous Lion Monument in the small park. People who love to enjoy history can enjoy the Swiss Transport Museum in this city.


  1. The Rhine Falls:

Largest waterfall of Europe, contain 150 meters at Schaffhausen. There are different viewpoints which help visitors to view it from different angles. June and July are the best months to visit this place. You can also enjoy boat trips while visiting this city.


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