As the heart and soul of New York City, one of the five boroughs, Manhattan boasts of housing Gotham’s quintessential landmarks including the iconic Empire State Building, the colossal Statue of Liberty and landscape masterpiece Central Park.

Whether you are a tourist visiting this land from across the seas or an all time resident of the city add the given below to your must visit places in Manhattan. New York.

  • Times Square

Famous for its mammoth billboards and its galore of restaurants, shops and theatres Times Square needs no introduction of any sort. Standing in the middle of the Square you experience the time moving at its fastest rate ever. This square is packed to capacity during the New Year Eve for the famous fire work show and on street parties going on till early morning.

  • Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, the first bridge to be completely made of steel, it was constructed in 1883, covers the expanse of East River from Manhattan. The bridge’s star points goes to its two massive stone towers connected to each other at the top via Gothic inspired arch. This bridge is symbolic presenter of rich culture of America and has inspired many painters, poets and writers through centuries.


  • Empire State Building

Built in a record time period of 11 months this iconic building was built way back in 1931 without any kind of modern facilities of 21st century. It is the symbol of America’s grand vision and aptitude for innovation. Even finding a place in the prestigious list of Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers you can easily spot in the famous New York’s skyline. For the best experience make prior bookings to take the 25 minute elevator ride to the observation deck otherwise you may be clamoring for just one chance to experience this building with no luck!


  • Fifth Avenue

Every shopper’s paradise, Fifth Avenue has held the title for best shopping arcade in America for a very long time now. With all the flagship stores from the top fashion designers lining the pathways it is a must on your bucket list. Even non shoppers can visit this place and enjoy a hot latte with a sensual view from some road side café.


  • Central Park

If Manhattan is the soul of New York then Central Park is its heart beat. Manhattan is nothing without its central and primal playground. Being the city center the central park gets 40 million visitors from far and wide every year. America has seen countless movies and TV series made based on the Central park theme. Do visit its strawberry fields, Zoo and the Lake, especially in winter when it becomes a skating ground for New Yorkers.


  • Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, a generous and glorious gift by France to America was built in 1886 and is the most famous symbol of freedom. A tall statue of 152 feet it stands alone near the New York harbor. Get a ticket to see the view of Manhattan and New York harbor from 152 feet height. The island on which it is built is christened Liberty Island. You do not stand a chance at getting anywhere near it unless you book your tickets prior to your visit such is the popularity of this magnificent monument.


  • Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is a huge entertainment and shopping arcade in the center of Manhattan, besides being the home of several famous media houses like NBC-TV. It is an eye catcher especially in the month of Christmas when it is decked up like Christmas tree itself.


  • Wall Street

Each landmark of Manhattan is so iconic that it is a tough call to make. Nevertheless let us start with famous and scandalous world of money minters. Wall Street stretches 8 blocks starting from Broadway all the way to South Street and is home to some of the prominent exchange centers from across the world. With its impressive skyscrapers and multitude of stylishly dressed dealers wearing dark sunglasses, it is a must visit.


  • New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is divided into several branches spread across the New York City. It is its main branch in Manhattan designed in the Beaux Arts Style which is a must visit for its huge library, magnificently decorated rooms and has been featured in various Hollywood movies and foreign movies alike. Even for a person who runs away from books this place will you awestruck due to its immensity.


  • Broadway Alley

The greatest part of Manhattan and number four on our list, Broadway shows are the highlight of the city for tourists. One of the epic creations in the history of Art and culture American theater is known worldwide for its performances. Check out what is playing before you visit this place to get the best of what it has to offer.


Done!!!! We have proposed you these ten beatiful tourism attractions in New York. Now, you can also propose your favorite places in Manhattan by using the comments below. Find on this website car rental deals in New York.

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