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10 Car Accessories for Road tripping with Your Dog

Road trips are great activities to undertake with your pooch especially if you want to introduce a new thing to their routine. You should consider the weather before going on a road trip and decide which dog car travel accessories to buy.

Best Car Accessories for Road Trip

We have compiled the following list to help you have a great time on the road with your dog.

  • 1 – Seat Cover

Car seat accessories like seat covers help to keep the car clean by collecting the dirt from your pooch’s paws and body. These accessories are convenient because they can be reused; you only need to shake them.

  • 2 – First Aid Kit

You might encounter minor accidents while on the road and not find a veterinarian’s office, so it is wise to include a first aid kit as one of your dog travel accessories.

  • 3 – Restraint

Car accessories are meant to keep the dog safe when on the road; a safety restraint will allow the canine little movement which could distract you.

  • 4 – Pet’s Traveling Kit

Your lab’s traveling essentials should include food, water, medication, leash, and plastic bags. Ensure that you get useful dog car accessories such as food containers that keep food fresh for an extended period so that your best dog food for labs retains the taste.

  • 5 – Car Accessories; Safety Belt

When you think about the best car accessories for the road trip, safety belts should be in the picture. These keep the pooch in place in case of a sudden change of motion or accidents.  Ensure that your dog is comfortable to avoid distractions.

  • 6 – Safety Harness

These car accessories help to keep the dog secure without adding weight to the seat, for instance, the Pawaboo Dog harness which is soft, durable, latches with seat belts, and doubles as a walking harness. If you are wondering where to get car accessories, there are various online and physical stores you can visit.

  • 7 – Dog Car Seat

These seats are designed for small and medium pooches. They act as beds held in place by the car’s safety belt. Some dog car seats are designed to provide comfort, for instance, the Snoozer Lookout which has a quilted exterior and a soft lining.

  • 8 – Crates

If you don’t know anything about car accessories, you should at least be aware of a dog crate. This will prevent the pooch from damaging the car seat and drooling on the windows. It will also keep them safe.

  • 9 – Roof-bag

When road tripping with your dog you might not have enough room for your stuff and your car might not have a roof rack, this is where a roof-bag comes in. This bag is affordable, waterproof, and doesn’t require a roof rack.

  • 10 – Trash Can

The best way to enjoy your snack and keep the environment clean is by having a car trash can. You can empty the trash in the public garbage bins.


The reason for taking your dog for a road trip is for both of you to have fun that is why you should ensure that you keep the pooch comfortable throughout the journey. Invest in quality car accessories so you can use them several times.

Have you ever been on a road trip with your dog? Please share the experience.


Author Bio:

Betti Wilson is a passionate dog lover and writer. She takes regular adventures with her Labrador and Great Dane. Her work is based on research, spending time with dogs, and consultations with the veterinarian. She writes about dog health, exercises, accessories, and safety tips. She also volunteers in the animal shelter.