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10 best Places to visit in Washington DC


Let us take a look at the top 10 tourist attractions in Washington DC that have made it to our list after a heavy research.

Spread along the famous Potomac River, Washington DC is the central political and historical hub of USA.  Tourist attractions like White House, Statue of Liberty and State of Art museums along with other buildings and monuments of historical importance bejewel the city.

  1. Lincoln Memorial

Taking the number one spot, it is situated at one end of the famous national mall. Its centre is made of a nineteen foot tall marble statue of President Abraham Lincoln sitting in a pensive mood. It is an impressive work of art done by famous sculptor Daniel Chester.

  1. The White House

A name which needs no introduction is second in the list of ten must visit places in Washington. The home to the current president of USA it was burned down in 1814 by the Britishers and rebuilt from ashes soon in 1818. With highly booked tours running throughout the year it is advisable you make booking for your visit to this place of historical importance prior to going there. There are several online Car Rental deals available to take you there right on time. Now you don’t want to keep the President of United States waiting, do you?

  1. The Washington Monument

The 555 foot white shaft surrounded by 50 different kinds of American flags is a sight to behold especially when you observe its reflection in the pool built at the foot of the building. A popular attraction of the National Mall of Washington it was constructed in the honor of first US president. Do take the elevator to the top floor and get an eagle eye view of the whole of Washington.

  1. National Gallery of Art

An interesting architecture comprising of two building bridged by a tunnel makes the National Gallery of Art more interesting than ever. Housing several masterpieces from Europe and America it is one of the most popular art museum in the world. Do not forget to see the ethereal Ginevra de Benci, the only one of extraordinary DaVinci paintings in the whole of America.

  1. National Air and Space Museum

Home to several world renowned museums, Washington houses this very intriguing and one of its kind’s museums displaying the collection of aircrafts right from the time of Wright Brother’s who made the first plane in the history of the world! Do visit its famous Albert Einstein planetarium and Flight Simulator.

  1. Washington National Cathedral

The Washington National cathedral is a sight to behold for any one with even slight artistic taste. Built with limestone imported from India, using Gothic style of construction it took 83 years to be fully completed. Go for their special tour. Your guide will take you on a spin to remember and give you the chance to explore all the hidden and secret passages of the cathedral. Do not forget to see the gargoyle of the Darth Vader right at the top of the North West Tower.

  1. National Zoological Park

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Smithsonian Museum and research centre. Housing more than 2000 species of animals and birds it provides home like natural habitat to its inmates. Boosting of having saved about a quarter of its species from getting extinct it is one of the world’s best and most interesting zoo. Do not forget to check out their main attraction – Giant Black pandas and ferocious cheetahs.

  1. International Spy Museum

When it comes to James Bond and Scotland Yard fans we have seen people going crazy, young and old alike. It is a must visit for families and Bond Wannabes. The place is a toy land for such die hard lovers of 007. Make sure you check the interactive exhibits placed throughout the building built using some sort of declassified hardware. Has it already reached your number one on the list? Not yet? Then the samples of equipments used in the movie making including poisonous dart umbrella would have surely done the magic by now.

  1. Tidal Basin & Jefferson Memorial

Both the monuments were built in memory of honorable and great leaders of USA. Little far from the centre of the city you can get good Car Rentals Deals to reach the place. It is a must visit if you are visiting Washington in spring for its cherry blossomed trees gifted by Japan. The design of Jefferson Memorial is a breathtaking one and will be etched in your memory for a long time with the entire memorial being reflected in a Tidal Pool built dramatically at the far end of the monument.

  1. National Mall

And the last in the list and the keeper of The Washington Memorial it has given rise to the longest green belt in Washington. Visitors to this historical piece of art are not aware of thee nearby Vietnam Women’s Memorial in general built to honor the women of War.

Done!!!! We have proposed you these ten beatiful cities in Washington DC. Now, you can also propose your favorites cities in Washington DC by using the comments below.

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