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10 Best Places to visit in Paris


Are you planning for a gateway in Paris? If the answer is yes, the following information is going to be useful for you. We selected the 10 best places to visit in Paris.

They all are must go places due to their emblematic importance for France. You cannot miss them!

  1. The Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a fine example of an impressive work of art in Paris. This sacred place is as beautiful from the outside as it is from the inside. If you are on a rush, just admiring the gargoyles from the street level can be enough. However, if you have the chance, get the full tour, including going up to the bell tower. If you are lucky enough, you may even listen to the pipe organ!

  1. The Louvre Museum

This massive museum is an emblematic building in Paris as well as the home of some of the world’s most important works of art. There are collections from all around the world. The building was a palace and a fortress, and now holds over 60 thousand exhibitions. Get there as early as possible, because it is crowded. Select which collections are you interested in advance, so that you can make the most of your visit. It is impossible to walk around the Louvre Museum in a single day.

  1. Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge has been for decades an emblematic place in Paris. You can enjoy a high quality night show along with your dinner and a bottle of champagne. Their new show has acrobatic scenes that are breathtaking!

  1. The Eiffel Tower

If you are short of time, you must at least get close enough to get a good shot of the Eiffel tower. That picture will be the cover page of your trip! The visit is equally impressive during the day than at night, so you can step by it any time.

  1. The Osray Museum

If you are into impressionist paintings, you cannot miss the Osray Museum. If you love the architecture of the 19th century, then this is also a must go stop. The building holding the museum is a beautifully maintained railway station. Go on top of the balcony for some amazing views of Paris.

  1. Champs Elysees Avenue

The Champs Elysees is the most famous street in Paris, and a must go place. It holds the reputation of the most beautiful avenue in the entire world. You can see the stores of famous designers, among other things as the Arc of Triumph, commissioned by Napoleon to Jean Chalgrin as you walk by this impressive avenue.

  1. The Palace of Versailles

The palace of Versailles is the reminder of how powerful were the military forces of France during the 17th century. It has infinite gardens and impressive buildings, both merging in a beautiful orchestra that is worth visiting. This is not just the most famous castle in Paris, but also in France.

  1. Montmantre

The streets at Montmantre are full of charm. This is still a bohemian space that holds a reputation for being home of famous painters during the last two centuries. It still holds the magical appeal, and it is the place where street artist make their living selling their works of art. You can find paintings for just a few euros. Walk Montmantre by yourself if you did some researcch in advance. But if you didn’t, get a guided tour. You will learn some amusing stories.

  1. The Pere-Lachaise Cemetery

The Pere-Lachaise cemetery is not just another cemetery. It is the place that holds the tombs of a long list of notable people. The place is huge, so you don’t want to get there with limited time. Planning your visit is advisable. Like any cemetery, it is a quiet place. Go there if you are fond of a silence for reflection or when you get tired of crowds. You can find personages like Jim Morrison or Chopin. The architecture of the mausoleums is impressive. You can admire works of art of different times.

  1. The Bastille Market

To get to know something apart from the regular touristic places, you must visit the bastille market. You will find it on Tuesdays and Sundays close to the Bastille subway station. This is a great place to get good food at a fair price. The Bastille market is a must go place for all food lovers who are looking for a truly French culinary experience.

Done!!!! We have proposed you these ten beatiful tourism attractions in Paris. Now, you can also propose your favorites attractions in Paris by using the comments below. We remind you that on this website you can find car rental deals in Paris.

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