10 Best Places to visit in Granada

Thus lots of history, heritage, and medieval buildings can be seen here and there in Granada.This small town was the central city of the Moorish kingdom in 13th to 15th centuries.

Imagine a visit to a mystical place, where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty and spend a remarkable holiday with your holiday. Won’t it be great! If you are willing to have a vacation like this, then visit Granada, which is a mystical place located at the foothill of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Among all these excellent places to visit, a list of top 10 places is mentioned below. Look into them, rent a car at Granada Airport, and plan your trip to Granada accordingly
  1. Alhambra

Located at the Summit of Sierra Nevada Mountains, Alhambra is one of the best evidence of Islamic architecture. Snow peaked hill top of the mountain and high walls makes this place fortified from all the sides. Pleasant scenic beauty and history of 250 adored years make this place a must see. Moreover, UNESCO has acknowledged this location as one of the World Heritage Site that lures a lot of visitors towards it.

  1. Albaicin

One of the most beautiful towns in Granada is Albaicin. This place is another example of old Arabic town that describes the Arabic architectural beauty at its best. With lots of new building, a visitor can enjoy the essence of old Arabic architecture in this city. UNESCO has recognized it as one of World Heritage Site that makes it much needed inclusion in the list of the best 10 places to visit in Granada.


  1. Capilla Real

Want to enjoy Spanish architecture in a city, which is flooded with mainstream Arabic designs! Then visit the Capilla Real. This place is best known for the grandeur of Catholic monarchs. This can be seen at the Royal Chapel or best known as Capilla Real. Treasure trove of fine artwork, sacristy, and collection of the wood figure makes this place a mandatory place once you are in Granada.


  1. Cathedral Santa Maria de la Encarnacion

Built back in 1523, this is a great Catholic church, which still holds the evidence of renaissance in Spain. Located near Plaza Nueva, this place is well connected with road transportation. Splendid interior, massive pillars and various painting of famous artists attract lots of visitors to this location throughout the year.


  1. Hammam Al Andalus

Tired of walking down the street of Granada? Need some rest and want to spend quality time to find out inner peace! Hammam Al Andalus is the right choice for you then. This is traditional Arabic hot water bath, where you can relax yourself forgetting all the tantrums of life. However, depending upon the demand of visitor, this place can accommodate cold water bath too which will ease out all of the tensions.


  1. La Alcaiceria

This is one of the famous markets in the whole world. From spices to curtains, everything can be found here. If you want to have Arabic embroidery on your clothes or curtains, then try out this place. Though this is world-famous being a spice market but there are plenty of stores that sell good quality clothes that have Arabic style embroidery in them at cheap. Besides this, if you want to try out great cinnamon or other spices, then this place is an ideal location to visit.


  1. Gypsy Quarter

Except churches and historic places would you like to visit some great place that has great scenic beauty, beautiful decoration and vivid artworks inside it! Then visit the Gypsy Quarter and cherish the vividness of this location. This is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful places in Granada because of exquisite scenic beauty and plethora of services toward its visitors. Caves, flamenco performance and beautiful artwork of this spot will certainly win your heart.


  1. Monasterio de la Cartuja

Located in the outskirt of the Granada this is one of the best places to hop in once you have landed in this town. Though Monasterio has simple exterior, the interior is impressive. Once you enter into this opulent monastery, its interior will amaze you.


  1. Conquest Day

Attend one of the most famous religious parades in Granada during your vacation in this place and have a remarkable experience. This celebration manifests the win of Granada province by the Catholic monarchs.

  1. International Dance and Music Festival

Move your body! Make some noise with the soulful melodies from the guitars of gypsy in Granada.  Visit the international dance and music festival of this town and let your body talk with the rhythm of the guitar. Started back in 1883 this is one of the main festivals in Granada.

Done!!!! We have proposed you these ten beatiful tourism attractions in Granada. Now, you can also propose your favorites attractions in Granada by using the comments below.

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