10 Best Places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona being one of the most famous cities in Spain attracts lots of tourists towards it throughout the year. Pleasant weather, rich culture, and heritage of this place please mind of every visitor. Moreover, beautiful beaches and amazing tourist spots lure every traveler toward Barcelona.

Being one of the leading tourist centers, this municipality of Spain is acknowledged as World’s Major Global City. If you are willing to spend your next holiday in Barcelona and bashing your head for making the best selection of 10 best places to visit here, then below is your desired list of locations mentioned.

Look over them, rent a car at Barcelona Airport and make out your ideal tour plan.

  1. La Sagrada Familia church

If you are going to visit Barcelona, then the tour can’t be complete without a visit to the La Sagrada Familia church. This unfinished church by Antoni Gaudi is famous for its architectural beauty. It has been under construction since 1926 and still today only 65% of work has been completed. The church generally remains open from 9 am to 7 pm throughout the year and requires tiny entrance fees.

  1. Montjuic Light and Music Show (Magic Fountain)

Though built back in 1929 yet Montjuic light and music attract lots of visitors toward it. It has been estimated that almost 2.5 million of people visit this place annually. Thus this place can easily be recognized as the second best place to visit in Barcelona. Vivid light effects, beautiful music and artistic dance of water make the fountain show kind of magical event. It remains open till evening throughout the year; though during winter show is restricted only to Saturdays and Fridays.


  1. Modernist Building (La Pedrera and Casa Batlló)

This was constructed by Antoni Gaudi back in 1888. This represents the architectural advancement of this Roman city since many years. If you want to enjoy rooftop concerts in Barcelona, then this is the ideal place to hop in. This site remains open every day throughout the year and requires quite a few bucks as an entry fee.


  1. Park Guell

Famous architecture Antoni Gaudi has designed and built this park back in 1923. This place is located at uphill, which is almost 900m high from sea level. If you want to enjoy a great scenic beauty of Barcelona, then visit this place. Moreover, being awarded as UNESCO World Heritage site, this is a must see.


  1. La Rambla Street

If you want to take the essence of a place, then you have to walk down the street and try out various things of this location. La Rambla Street gives every visitor of Barcelona such opportunity, where one can enjoy food, culture and rich heritage of this location. There is no fee required to walk down this street, but it is good to avoid it during rush hours.


  1. Barrio Gotico

If you want to take the smell of old Roman construction, then visit this medieval city once you have landed in Barcelona. This is one of the oldest towns in Barcelona. Rich culture, ancient heritage, and Roman buildings attract lots of tourists every year toward this place.


  1. FC Barcelona Stadium

Visiting Barcelona can’t be complete without a visit to FC Barcelona stadium. This municipality has gained a lot of its popularity because of this soccer stadium and its club. One can visit the stadium, museum and discover the great history of the club by visiting this place.


  1. Tibidabo hill

Want to enjoy your trip with your kids at an amusement park! Visit this place and have remarkable memories with you. This place is well connected by roadways, thus reaching here won’t be a problem. Depending on the age and type of service, you are going to avail; entry fees vary to some extent. This place remains open all around the year since evening.


  1. Poble Espanyol Village and Montjuic hill

The name says it all. This is a well-organized village on the Montjuic hill that attracts a lot of visitors because of its beautiful architecture, design, and plethora of services. This was built back in 1929 and still has some nightclubs, café, restaurants, and many services inside it.


  1. Picasso Museum

Picasso, the name is enough to attract a lot of visitors towards it, and this museum does so. This museum has a unique collection of Picasso’s work that you won’t be able to see anywhere in the world. According to the officials of the museum it has almost 4000 art and painting work of Picasso. Except Monday this tourist spot remains open every day throughout the year and require very small amount of money as entrance fee.



Done!!!! We have proposed you these ten beatiful tourism attractions in Barcelona. Now, you can also propose your favorites attractions in Barcelona by using the comments below.

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