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10 Best Places to Visit in Vilnius


Are you planning to visit Vilnius? We are proposing you TEN essential tourist attractions to visit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. It holds a remarkable place in history. Therefore, there are fine examples of architecture and many museums that depict worldwide conflicts. We picked the 10 best places to visit in Vilnius. You can get educated and have fun with our selection.

  1. Saint Anne’s Church.

There are many sacred and religious sites in Vilnius. We picked the Saint Anne’s Church as the best church to visit because it is the perfect example of gothic architecture. It is definitely one of the nicest churches in Lithuania, and a world heritage according to UNESCO’s list. It is a must visit while you are in town.

  1. The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

This is a reconstructed palace. It was fully demolished during the 19th century and totally rebuilt. It holds many public events as it is the scenario of official visits. There is a tour in one part of this building to show the architectural changes and the historical uses of the building. You can also take a second tour that gets you into important halls used in ceremonies. You can watch how the different styles of architecture evolved from Gothic to Baroque.

  1. Europos Parkas.

This is an interesting experience created by Gintaras Karosas. In 1991, he designed an open air exhibition in this park. It is an open air museum, perfect for hiking. You can find around a hundred different works of art, mainly sculptures from Karosas and other authors from all around the world. The innovative concept of this museum is worth seeing.

  1. The Three Crosses Monument.

The hike to get to the three crosses monument is amazing. You will get to a point in which the views are impressive. The monument itself was built during the 17th century. Originally, they were placed by three monks to pay tribute to other martyred monks from 3 centuries before. The three crosses are in constant renovation. At first, it was just a wooden monument, but now, it is the work of a sculptor and architect who was part of the rebirth movement. He placed the new monument in 1989, after the soviets destroyed the previous one.

  1. Uzupis District.

Uzupis is the artistic district in Vilnius. You can breathe the bohemian ambience when you walk on its streets. After being a very dangerous zone during the Soviet occupation, it is now full of life. You can find poetry exhibits, concerts, and even fashion festivals.

  1. The Big and Little Ghetto.

Now, the streets that once hold the big and little ghetto are fully renovated. But there was a time not too far away from now, when this was where the Jewish community was segregated to be executed in Paneriai. After 1941, when Lithuania gained its independence, this zone commemorates the Day of Jewish Genocide in Lithuania on September 23, as a reminder of what happened there.

  1. The Center of Europe.

Vilnius claims to be the Center of Europe. Indeed, Lithuania is located in the middle of everything, and in 1989, the exact point was calculated very close to Vilnius. If you find the exact point, you will see the monument that was erected due to the calculations of Jean-George Affholder. Geremias Jokubonis was in charge of the sculpture that consist in a column with a star crown. The zone is surrounded by a wood, and it is a natural reserve.

  1. Gedimias Avenue.

The Gedimias Avenue is one fo the main streets in Vilnius, connecting the most remarcable buildings. It is worth walking. You can admire the buildings from the past 2 centuries. They host offices of public institutions and other companies. It is the link between old Vilnius and the new and modern city.

  1. Amber Museum and Gallery.

If you are into jewelry, this is a must go place in Vilnius. The museum exhibits utilitarian things and jewelry made of amber from the 15th century and later times. You can see the evolution of handcrafts as you walk through this museum. In the end, you can even purchase jewelry made out of amber. There are some beautiful and original designs.

  1. The Museum of Illusions.

To run away of all the formal venues at Vilnius, go to the Museum of Illusions. This is a place to enjoy with the whole family. We are sure you can still be amazed by the exhibit in this place. If you travel with kids, they will love it!

You may need to rent a car at Vilnius Airport when you arrive to be able to visit all these places more freely.

Done!!!! We have proposed you these ten. You can also propose your favorite places in Vilnius by using the comments below.

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